Success Stories

Success stories from clients of our career management services and coaching

Our steadfast commitment and verifiable achievement in the success of our clients has earned us the superior reputation we enjoy today.

We honor and respect the confidentiality of our clients, so therefore, while the data of these testimonials are true, we have altered the identity of the individual.

The Barrett Group is dedicated to navigating the complicated corporate market and achieving the distinctive career needs and desired outcomes for our senior military leader clients.

Qualified candidates will receive a confidential, complimentary consultation with a Barrett Group expert.

Success Stories

It has been my great honor to serve with you. I would also like to thank the Barrett Group for their help in returning to civilian life. I hired The Barrett Group to assist with my post-military career. My career consultant was an effective resource for transitioning successfully to the civilian workforce.

I have now been retired from the Service for over 10 years, and there is no way to repay the Barrett Group for what they have taught me: – A language of mutual added value. – The power of networking! – How to open doors and bypass gate-keepers; question presumptions; and, how to become essential to any organization.

Robert P. thought he was an excellent interviewer until he completed the Barrett Interview Coaching process. He said it “really opened my eyes.” He also lauds the quality of research as being instrumental in achieving his targeted compensation level.

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